Custom Content

Customization is easy with Your Life Your Skin (YLYS). Since each of our products starts with video content you select and adds practice specific messaging, YLYS enables a practice to market directly to its patients. YLYS offers your practice an extremely efficient and flexible marketing solution. Messaging and customization can be changed as often as you like.

Our customization tools allow a doctor to add end tags to any spot in the playlist. Additionally, practices may add scrolling text to the bottom of any video or the entire playlist. With these tools a practice may run promotions and boost the sales of premium products. Finally, doctors can easily include their own videos to add a personal touch and to further brand the practice.

YLYS users report increased sales and customer inquiries when they include practice specific content from the YLYS Media Hub. By customizing the content to reflect your practice’s marketing strategy a practice will maximize the resources that YLYS has to offer. Of course to insure you’re getting the most out of the system, YLYS offers unlimited free training and tech support.



iPORT Content Customization Options Include:
Video Playlist templates with the option of adding images and scrolling text, i.e., a message scrolled along the bottom announcing a promotion for a product or service.

End Tags can include a call to action such as ask the staff about a promotion or procedure.

Practice branding messaging such as “Welcome to my Practice”, Holiday Messages or “Practice tip of the Month”, and Practice-Specific Information such as Business Hours.

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